Exclusive Tuesday - Kim Björkwall: Tasting of wines made from Pinot Noir

06.10.2020 18:00 - 21:00


Kim Björkwall will present Pinot Noir wines from mainly Bourgogne, but also a Champagne and one wine from New Zeeland and one from Oregon. The wines are

BOIZEL Champagne Blanc de Noir Brut NV 

CLOUDY BAY Pinot Noir 2017

TORII MOR OLSEN Pinot Noir 2016

JOSEPH DROUHIN Nuits-St-Georges 2013

SEGUIN MANUEL Corton Grand Cru 2005

ARMAND ROUSSEAU Chambertin Grand Cru 1979

LOUIS LATOUR Romanée-St-Vivant Grand Cru “Les Quatre Journeaux” 1970

Please note, that especially one of the wines is very rare:

The Domaine Armand Rousseau Chambertin 1979

Domaine Rousseau is generally regarded as the best producer in Chambertin. They own 2,15 of the total 15 ha of this appellation. The prices for this vintage on the international market is between 3.624 and 4.682 Eur per 750 ml bottle. The average price is 4.152€ and last official price was in July 2020 at 4.200€ ex.tax. The wine we will taste has been stored in temperature controlled cellar for more than 30 years. The colour and ullage is very good for a wine of this age. It will be exciting to taste a few drops of this exceptional and very rare wine!

A small snack will be served together with the Champagne and a plateau of cheeses after the tasting with another selected Pinot Noir.

There are 11 seats available to this unforgettable evening.

Illan osallistumismaksu on 195 euroa/henkilö sisältäen viinit sekä niihin sopivat pikkupurtavat. Sitovat ilmoittautumiset monika.halen@zaraband.fi tai 050-4001667 viimeistään ma 28.9.2020., jolloin myös maksun on oltava Winecellarsin tilillä Aktiassa FI4440550010002984, kiitos!


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